Provider-Patient Interaction

The relationship between patient and health-care provider is at the heart of the success of SMARTER strategy. In this video we discuss how to approach this conversation with both patients that are enthusiastic and those that are have difficulty reaching there goals.

20 Ways To Step Up Your Day

Adding two or three thousand steps to your routine isn’t that hard but it does take some persistence and some imagination. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Take stairs whenever possible.
  2. Snowy? Icy? Walk around the shopping mall.
  3. Get safe footwear including crampons if necessary and brave the winter.
  4. Treat the dog to a longer walk.
  5. While chatting on the phone, walk around your house.
  6. Walk in place while watching TV.
  7. Walk to get the mail.
  8. Make a walking date with a friend, instead of phoning her.
  9. Instead of carrying all the laundry upstairs at once take several trips.
  10. Make it a family habit to take a 15 or 20-minute walk before supper or breakfast
  11. Grab your significant other and get out there together.
  12. Take a walking tour of your city. If you are brave, sign up for a haunted walk!
  13. When grocery shopping, walk through every aisle.
  14. Choose a parking spot far from the store entrance — or just walk to the store!
  15. Return the shopping cart all the way to the store.
  16. Instead of emailing your coworker down the hall, walk over to her office.
  17. Taking public transportation usually means actually walking more as well.
  18. At the airport walk around the terminal. Don’t take the moving sidewalk.
  19. Before lunch, take a 15-minute walking break.
  20. At your children’s sports game? Don’t  just sit in the stands, walk around the field!

Spread it out during the day, a little here and a little there all adds up!

20 Ways
To Step Up Your Day

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